There’s nothing fundamentally and especially interesting to someone confronting us with our behaviors, words etc. 

That events confront us sometimes is more of interest.

That life eventually confronts us, with its infinite and complex ever emerging wisdom, is what’s striking. 

Whatever the number of people escaping the mysterious mechanical consequences, there will always be a Gauss curve of the size of the back strokes and rewards from life.

Consequences are enclosed within the initial package of behaviors we bear. Consequences are encapsulated in our psyche even before we make the package. 

Before we act, we know and accept the consequences much more than we admit,  because we know consequences are what we need to experience to solve the existential anxiety to live as free human beings without limits.

Adulthood is the continuation of childhood. The less we were contained then, the more we’ll be forever looking for consequences.




Be adamant about logics and behaviors of non-love.

They are very easy to spot. Non-love is deafening. It’s like the abyss staring back at you.

You need no explanations to justify your intransigence.

Love and non-love are not reducible to any smaller concepts, being the most basic principles in the area of human relationships.

From non-love stems all negativity out of nowhere. 

Don’t stay on the edge of this pit of void. Chose the wide open spaces.


The wisdom to know the difference between what we can change and what we can’t is key to moving on. Discernment is not easy when you’re overwhelmed with emotions. Narcs count on that to have you frozen, stuck, victimized therefore unable to react on a solid basis of lucidity as to what reality is.

Working on emotions not to be ruled and moved by them is the first step for you to see clearly through events.

Gottfried Kumpf

The boiled frog

Some people were raised to develop empathy and kindness. Other people were raised  (or neglected) to feel entitled and be exploitive and manipulative. The latter are proud of what they do and who they are as this provide them with the power to rule their world if not the world… 

Unfortunately Evil cannot be defeated until there’s a rebellion against intolerable sufferings, be it on an individual or a collective level.

The kind and empathic ones are like the frog in the parable describing it being slowly boiled alive while giving the benefit of the doubt. Time is the strategic lever evil people use with a ratchet effect as often as they can. 

We must teach our children empathy and kindness without docility and blind trust. 

Are narcs part of a different species ?

You’ve come to the conclusion that they don’t see the world as we do. They don’t draw the same conclusions with regards to events and human interactions. They don’t have the same intentions. Their brains are wired differently and turned off in certain areas related to affective and emotional life. They don’t and obviously can’t understand us. They use and abuse us. Empty vessels. Intraspecies predators as Hare puts it.

Coming down from the time of the beginning along the genetic track, rotten fruits, selected survivors,  incarnation of dark times of chaos and slaughter thousands of years ago or ahead ? Do they come from other times ?

To what truth do they bear witness ?

Where does the load of manifested but unspoken and unfelt hate that drives them come from ?

There’s human history as a deep mystery far below the tip of the iceberg.

Tim Goulding

A precious friend

Do you have this special kind of friend that has always had the ability to see through people and stay clear of any kind of narcs or other disordered ones and so is blessed with an absolute mental sanity ?

This is a precious friend. Either (s)he’s had the bad experience sooner than you or had  a mother (father) with a sharp view on the subject of characters and relationships who’s transmitted clearvoyance.

Now you can have a good laugh together and this laugh feels really warm to your heart.

You’ve just needed a little more time to reach the same level of awareness.

Antony Gormley


Respect is shown through behaviours and words (talk) are only a small part of it. Often words are more a veil than anything else. 

Beware those people that would want you to believe that respect is made of words.

Heart doesn’t express itself preferentially through words.