In the past some of us had to put up with some of those narcs their whole lives. Thanks to divorce, thanks to geographical mobility, thanks to the access to our own jobs, we can get physically out of dark situations.

In the past, we were prisonners of silence and shame. Thanks to the www we’re free of shame and loneliness.

In the past we were lost in our empathy, struggle and dispair. Now we’ve found our masculine side to follow the path of a decent and happy life.




There are always doors out of our eternal mental prisons.

We just need to get rid of fears to take a step and open them.

Sarantis Karavouzis

Fight against or towards ?

After anger and sadness come acceptation, indifference and equanimity. Wether I will one day reach full indifference towards narcs is still a question. A local fight from a place of a quieter and more humble and humorous mind is probably the most rational direction. A black and white point of view isn’t close to a complex reality and the wider world as I see it.

Altogether it’s about our ability as parents and adults to raise children as decent human beings and the ability as a community to be vigilant, to contain deviance and harmfulness which needs courage, energy, involvement and collective intelligence. Probably somewhat a purpose for me. Hope for a good world.

Joseph Nattar


When I’ve stepped out of my pride, and of that sense of being wounded, which was real in an emotional way, I’ve progressively realized, with a spoon of intellectual honesty and with determination, that I had nothing to lose and fear, provided that I took the necessary action in order to take care of myself. I appreciate the strength that life implants in all forms that it takes. Strength is not harshness.

It stinks

Did you know narcs try to sell you relationship crap, emotional and affective crap and they expect you to pay a high price for this refined dish and to be grateful for the very good deal ?

Actually they’re often defecating live and enjoy playing with it.

When it smells like that, it is that.

Don’t doubt for too long. Reconstitute and strengthen your inner beauty.

Yil Jiksoon


Most of us shall find contentment through the end of a useless sense of insecurity. 

Why should we need to achieve more ? Why should we be lacking ? 

Why wouldn’t we be enough ?

Why does the human species never has enough ? Why do we tend to be anxious and envious beyond our needs and mortified about what we are ?

A result of a society based on competition, comparison, mistrust and contempt ? These rules are a game for unempathic, very contracted people in their space and time view of the world. Not for us.

The insecurity is a matter of mind victimization. Identify the rules of the “game” but don’t identify with them. Don’t internalize those rules towards yourself.

Keep only the best

Jan Jacob Spohler

Best wishes

We orchestrate what pertains to us.

We contribute to the present and future of other individuals.

We help create locally a more harmonious world.

We leave a print. 

We feel joy as part of a whole.

It’s difficult to remain humble and not demanding in one’s wishes…

Irene Klestova

Active stance

Open your eyes inwards.
Rebalance your vital system.

Protect your integrity.

Reconfigure the economy of the exchanges with your entourage.

Build joy for you and for those who look from the same place in the same direction.

Hu Shan Yu