Obnoxious people

How fascinating they are in their desperate attempt to occupy the whole space, in a physical and in a mental way.

Watch how more and more furious they get when they realize they can’t. 

See the sour look, listen to the innuendo.

The negativity saturates a space. 

Let the agression flow through you without addressing it or as little as possible and let it go back to where it came from. YOU don’t have any problem.

Take a distance as much as possible.

And if you’re trapped with a spouse or a boss from hell, you can’t take it for long. They’re like battering rams. Cut your losses and accept to deal with the pain YOU only feel.

This I’m able now to say, as many other people, only because I’ve been through it, not because I was stronger.

What a waste of time they are, while they are so many intelligent and valuable persons to live rich moments along with. 

Henri Barnoin


Empty the cauldron

We get free of the narc disaster when we’ve emptied the giant cauldron of all its only autodestructive emotional content.

Only time and the flow of change around us allow this emptying process. 

There will be a time when we’ll feel nothing around this kind of person except for a slight and short irritation. Immune.

Haku Maki


The love we feel for one fellow human being puts us in a prison.

It narrows down the playing field of life.

Waking up from this nightmare needs time to even fully realize it was a nightmare.

The ones lacking in affects don’t care if you’re stuck in this prison and will certainly not help you transcend this dangerous state. Some can even leave you alone with a false feeling of reciprocity and communality so that they can get their needs met and you stay with the dangling carrot in front of you that you will reach a higher place.

Don’t lose touch with the good ones. 

Flee heartlessness. Don’t let yourself be exploited and dominated. Allow your deep self and love to express its potential beyond bars toward its natural fruits : beauty and joy.

Gunther Forg

Givers & takers

I suddenly came to the realization that some people don’t give much in relationships and in a sense don’t expect much. 

They can be flattered and amused that you so much bend to enrich a relationship but, when you begin to expect some reciprocity, turn out to be rather obnoxious.

They possibly don’t understand and quiet possibly are unable to process an emotional connection.👽

Instead of getting emotional and suspicious of their being worth of our trust and effort, we’d better build a radical awareness and acceptance of the fact that some people are not doted with the same ability to relate. 

Which doesn’t mean we have to stay miserable and stuck to such people or with only them.

Anthony Gormley


There’s nothing fundamentally and especially interesting to someone confronting us with our behaviors, words etc. 

That events confront us sometimes is more of interest.

That life eventually confronts us, with its infinite and complex ever emerging wisdom, is what’s striking. 

Whatever the number of people escaping the mysterious mechanical consequences, there will always be a Gauss curve of the size of the back strokes and rewards from life.

Consequences are enclosed within the initial package of behaviors we bear. Consequences are encapsulated in our psyche even before we make the package. 

Before we act, we know and accept the consequences much more than we admit,  because we know consequences are what we need to experience to solve the existential anxiety to live as free human beings without limits.

Adulthood is the continuation of childhood. The less we were contained then, the more we’ll be forever looking for consequences. That’s the narc’s fate.